Is your personal information found on the Dark Web?
Find out with a complimentary Dark Web scan.

By simply entering your email, we search for potential threats to your identity.

LifeLock™ does not search all personal information at all criminal websites and may not find all breached data. We use the information you provide in accordance with our Global Privacy Statement.

Get more protection today.

Norton™ 360 Deluxe and Norton™ 360 Premium now includes Dark Web Monitoring§ which patrols the dark web for your personal information and sends you notifications if it is detected.

  • Password Combo List Alert
    - you will be alerted if your username and password combo is being traded on the dark web.
  • 5 insurance ID numbers
  • 5 email addresses
  • 5 phone numbers
  • 10 credit card numbers
  • 10 gamer tags
Dark Web Activity Notification

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

What to do when your email address is detected?

  • Step 1. Change your password.
  • Step 2. Make sure your computer or devices have protection. Get Norton™ 360, the comprehensive protection you need for devices and online privacy.
  • Step 3. Monitor your personal information with Dark Web Monitoring§ and get alerts any time your information is detected on the dark web, so you can take action immediately.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the part of web made up of hidden sites that can’t be found through conventional search engines. It uses encryption software to provide anonymity for users and hides their location.


Why should I be cautious about it?

Cybercriminals can meet anonymously on dark web sites to make illegal trade of personal information that has been compromised in data breaches, then use those information to impersonate or hack you.

 From Data Breach to Dark Web Sale

You thought you were careful online...

You’re cautious about ‘oversharing’ and which websites you visit. But then maybe you get an email from a reputable online store that their system was compromised, and your information was included in the breach. You later hear on the news that the data taken in that breach was found for sale on the dark web.

Dara breaches can occur more than what is reported in the news, and not just to big-name companies. What about the tax agent that files your tax return? How about your local doctor’s office - what if their files were breached?

Norton™ 360 with Dark Web Monitoring§

Enhanced security for your devices and VPN for online privacy. Dark Web Monitoring§ is now included in Norton™ 360 Deluxe and Norton™ 360 Premium. 

Dark Web Monitoring§ searches the dark web and private forums looking for personal information and notifies you if your information is found so you can take action.

System Requirements

Norton Device Security Entitlement
PC, Mac or Mobile Device: PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads and iPhones

  • Norton™ AntiVirus Plus covers a single device
  • Norton™ 360 Standard covers a single device
  • Norton™ 360 Deluxe covers up to 5 devices
  • Norton™ 360 Premium covers up to 10 devices

Not all features are available on all devices and platforms.
Norton Parental Control, Norton Cloud Backup, and Norton SafeCam are presently not supported on Mac OS.

Windows™ Operating Systems

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions)
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.
Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later with SHA2 support

Mac® Operating Systems

Current and previous two versions of Mac OS.
Features not supported: Norton Cloud Backup, Norton Parental Control, Norton SafeCam.

Android™ Operating Systems

Android 8.0 or later. Must have Google Play app installed.

iOS Operating Systems

iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple® iOS.

Available for Windows™ PC, Mac®, iOS and Android™ devices:
Norton Secure VPN is compatible with PCs, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and iPhones. Norton Secure VPN may be used on the specified number of devices – with unlimited use during the subscription term.

Windows™ Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions)
Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 in S mode.
Microsoft Windows 11 (all versions), except Windows 11 in S mode
Mac® Operating Systems
Current and previous two versions of Mac OS
Android™ Operating Systems

Androids running 8.0 or later.

iOS Operating Systems

iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple iOS.