Live your life online without worry

Norton 360Multi-Device

Computers. Smartphones. Tablets. If you use it, Norton 360 Multi-Device protects it.


Easily protects multiple devices with a single solution

The PC, Mac® or iOS and Android mobile devices that you use every day — yes, they’re all covered.

Windows 10® is here. Norton has you covered.

Norton works seamlessly with Windows 10 so you can upgrade with confidence.

Say goodbye to online threats, old and new

It’s ok to blink, because Norton never does. You won’t have to worry about incoming digital threats again. Norton monitors your PC for viruses, spam and dangerous downloads, and quickly eliminates them. We block the newest threats like unsafe social media links, scams and advanced, never-seen-before threats before they do damage.

Locks down your sensitive information

It’s easy to stumble into the wrong part of the Web. With fake websites set up to steal your identity, unsafe links, scams and online trespassers, the Internet is a digital minefield. Norton locks down your sensitive information, and ensures your privacy by remembering passwords and locking your home network so strangers can’t access it.

Restores PC performance

A whole suite of performance boosters and tools helps get your PC running like new again. Even if your PC already has a virus, Norton’s powerful PC deep-clean will get it back up and running.

Automatically backs up, safeguarding against accidents

Drinks get spilled. Hard drives crash. Laptops go missing. It’s not fun to think about, but you should be ready. With automatic backup of up to 25 GB, it’s easy to secure your important files from your PC.

Offers anti-theft capabilities for mobile devices

It’s easy to misplace your smartphone, resulting in loss or theft. Remotely locate your mobile, or set off the scream alarm to find your device in a hurry. Got a new smartphone? Easily back up and restore your contacts to your new device.


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